frequently asked questions


How can I track inventory?

Each BERIC customer has real-time access to inventory on hand and location through BERIC’s proprietary inventory management system.   Existing customers can create an account and log in from the home page of this site.    If you need assistance with logging in, please email customerservice@bericinc.com.


Do you offer other services?

We want to be your supply chain and fulfillment partner, not vendor.  This means we can and do offer flexible, customized services to customers of all sizes.    Please just inquire with specific information about your company’s needs.


How do you price your services?

Pricing varies as customer’s needs and operational conditions change.  As such, we cannot provide a blanket price which covers the universe of services BERIC provides.  We can tell you with confidence, however, that BERIC will not lose your business on pricing.


Where are you located?

BERIC operates from a secure warehouse facility located in Pomona, California.


Will our customers know you fulfilled our customers’ order?

No.  BERIC can fulfill your company’s customer orders directly from you or, should you desire, directly from orders placed on your website,  using your branding on all shipping.   We are happy to be your invisible partner in fulfillment as you grow your company’s business.